Appalachian PsychiatryAppalachian Psychiatry
5 West Valley Drive
Bristol, Virginia 24201
Phone: (276) 644-9800
Fax: (276) 644-9808


Initial Evaluation - $300
(60-90 minutes depending on complexity)

Follow Up Medication Management - $110
(15-20 minutes)

Psychotherapy Counseling - $180
(50 minutes)

Full fee is expected at the time of service. We are not enrolled in any insurance networks but will assist you in filing insurance claims. Any checks from insurance companies will be mailed directly to you.

Visa, Mastercard, checks, and cash are accepted

We also accept silver (pre 1965) and gold coin.

Ex:  Medication management - any denomination of silver coins equaling $7 (ex: 70 silver dimes, 14 half dollars, etc as price of silver fluctuates)